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12 Home Decor Trends for 2020 and their Popularity Grades

by Susan Miller on December 12, 2019

Modern Farmhouse Decor Trends 2020

Last year the biggest question we were asked was, "is modern farmhouse decor out"? Others wanted to know if modern design was making a comeback.

Zillow reported that in 2019, the farmhouse aesthetic was taking a back seat to warm modernism and industrial style decor. While others said industrial design was out and mid-century was in. What do we say? Everyone should have a home they love, but if we want to base our answer on facts, evidence shows that modern farmhouse is not only trending up, but it's also evolving.

A few months ago the, We Heart Decor team decided to gather info from influencers, decor enthusiasts, trend reports and our own internal data to gauge the popularity of 2020s top trends.  We picked the 12 hottest trends and graded them on a star scale of 1 to 5.

This will get interesting.

The Backstory

In 2009 the farmhouse decor trend started to take off and has grown 80 times over. The modern farmhouse gained popularity and was first adopted by enthusiasts in southern and western states. As years progressed, the craze started moving east and north, even up into Canada, while evolving in the regions it started. Just like the fashion world, trends may spark in one area, until it becomes so popular it naturally spreads to others. As new markets catch on, the epidemic slowly evolves into something else, and that's what we're seeing today.

So, what're the most popular trends for 2020?

Modern Farmhouse Decor
5 StarsModern Farmhouse Decor 2020

Yes, it's still here folks! Millennial pinks have become plush and rustic woods are now distressed. Modern farmhouse has always been a mixture of old and new, with the best examples able to work in contemporary pieces with a little vintage. Farmhouse is all about personalization and character. No two homes can be alike, as some pieces are handpicked at local flea markets and others are repurposed to show creativity and a personal touch.

Modern French
5 StarsModern French Country

Modern French Country is all about contrasting modern elements with a little bit of vintage. Bronzes and golds are emerging with a Parisian twist and less of the rustic rural look. 2020 is all about mixing things up with a keen eye for contrast.

French Country
One Star
French Country Decor

The writings been on the wall for some time now. Rustic woods, ruffles, and muted colors have reached their expiration date. Modern French is what's in now.

Spanish Style
5 Stars
Spanish Farmhouse Decor

From terra-cotta pots and bowls to vibrant tile floors and walls, the Spanish Colonial look is in for 2020. Concrete mantels, garden rooms and even courtyards have become a heavy trend in California and surrounding areas.

Multi-functional Decor
3 Stars
Multi-functional Studio and Tiny house Decor

From multifunctional chairs and tables to nightstands that double as desks, multifunctional furniture is becoming more and more popular. Multifunctional pieces first became practical ways to furnish tiny houses and studios, now these pieces are making their ways into kid rooms, home offices, and even family rooms.

Shabby Chic
One Star
Shabby Chic Decor

We have to admit, shabby chic made it's way back in the 80s and had a long run. Sadly faux fur, faux plants, and muted grays are no longer a thing. Color is coming in along with real plants and furs. It's not all going away, right away... but you may want to start mixing in a little real with the faux.

Industrial Style Decor
4 stars
Industrial Style Decor

Formally reserved for lofts and factories, industrial decor is becoming more and more popular. Exposed beams, stainless steel accents, brick, and unfinished materials are some of the elements that create the industrial style look.

Coastal Decor
Four Stars
Coastal Decor

Real plants, beachy accents, bamboo, and billowy fabrics are all part of the coastal decor aesthetic. Most popular in warm clients, this welcoming breezy look is still gaining popularity throughout the states. 

All Modern
Two Stars
Modern Decor

No knock to the brand, but all modern is out. Perfection is a little too predictable, people who want to show a little character and personality are mixing things up.

Grandmillenial Decor
Three Stars
Grandmillenial Decor

Grandmas aren't satisfied with the modern styles they're being offered, so they're deferring to the styles that were popular during the 70s and 80s.

Art Deco
3 stars
Art Deco Decor Style

Art Deco is a design style that originated in France after World War I. 100 years later, Art Deco (aka Modernism) is once again a popular trend. 


Nordic Decor
3 starsNordic Home Decor

Most popular on the west coast, Nordic design has been on a steady rise since 2015. We saw more and more homes incorporating this design trend in their homes in 2019 and are eagerly looking to see what 2020 brings.

Now that you know what's hot for 2020, we can't wait to see how you incorporate some of these styles in your home.

Remember, these popularity grades are only in the grand scheme of things. You should express your own unique personality and style through the way you design your own home. Is there a trend you see taking off? What are some of the styles you like most? What styles would you like to see go away?


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