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4 Current Decor Trends and What's to come in 2019

by Susan Miller on August 04, 2018

It’s been an exciting year in home decor so far… can you believe we’re about 75% into the year already? Wow! Time flies when you’re having fun. Nonetheless, we want to take a moment to remember some of this year's most popular trends and what’s coming up in 2019.

  1. Gallery Walls
Farmhouse Gallery Wall

Gallery walls have been a hit this year, and we’ve seen some amazing creativity, from farmhouse style to industrial masterpieces. Gallery walls will continue to be a hit, but keep following as we reveal what’s next to come.

What’s Next: More Art, Less Words

The quote “Pictures are worth a thousand words” still reigns true today. A lot can be said with an image and words are becoming less of a creative way to express oneself. Scriptures, logos, and quotes are still in, but words and phrases are on their way out!


  1. The Coffee Bar
Farmhouse Coffee Bar

Goodbye wine bar, hello coffee. Filled with Rae Dunn, K-cup assortments, vintage signs, and containers, the coffee bar came up big in 2018.

What’s Next: The Refreshment Bar

Modern Farmhouse Coffee Bar

Is coffee all you got? Make room for tea, muffins, bread, juice, and bring that wine back. It’s time for the refreshment bar... Starbucks isn’t going down that easy!


  1. Earth Tones
Earth Tones in the Farmhouse

Do you see how earth tones made their way into the farmhouse and vintage-inspired home? They’re sneaky.

What’s Next: More Color

Colorful Farmhouse Decor

It’s getting hard to show personality these days with all the homes looking the same on Pinterest and Instagram. To make your space look a little more unique, vintage and farmhouse enthusiast have been added a little more color. Expect MORE!!!


  1. Accent Walls
Accent Farmhouse Wallpaper

Accented walls help add texture and dimension to your space. Shiplap and pill-and-stick have become the norm.

What’s Next: Accent Everything

Farmhouse Accent Decor

With peel and stick wallpaper becoming more accessible, and patterns like buffalo check re-emerging, accenting your home is reaching new heights. To give your space a little more contrast (from your own space and others) you’re going to need some accents to show off a little personality and character.


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