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5 Very Extra Organization Ideas

by Marialva V. on March 20, 2021
Barn Storage

Usually when we think about home organization, we think of subtle ways to hide the things not in use. But in this post we're going to share some of the most "extra" storage and organization ideas that are out in the open and a little over the top.

Step and Floor Storage

I've seen storage under the steps before, but this stairway has storage under and around it. Would you ever consider turning your staircase into fortified storage unit?


Cellar under the stairs

There have been very creative ways to store wine coolers underneath cabinets, counters, and cubbies built into the wall, but an entire wine cellar in your wall may be just a little bit over the top. 

Storage Console

Susan @tableof5please was not trying to be subtle at all when she created this storage wall unit for her family. It's very organized, and maybe just a little extra.

Refrigerator Storage

How about this refrigerator storage also by Susan? It's not only organized but it's labeled to the T!

Barn Storage

For us with regular homes, we use the basement for storage, but Becky Owens built an entire playhouse in her basement. How charming is this?

Have you seen some over-the-top decor ideas that make you say, "that's cool, but maybe just a little extra"? If so, please share. 

With Love,

Marialva.- 💗


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