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How Other Countries Are Influenced by American Farmhouse

by Marialva V. on January 23, 2021

Canadian Farmhouse

Browsing your favorite spaces online you may see European this or French that, when in reality Farmhouse is as American as apple pie. It may seem as if we've borrowed elements from our European brothers and sisters, when in fact, we've adopted from our own past.

America is a country of immigrants,  bringing all of our diverse styles to the new world, while also making due with whatever we had to make us feel more at home. 

In the 1800's, our great country was occupied by European settlers from Spain, England, France, Netherlands and Sweden. They all shared food, ideas, and belongings creating an eclectic style that can be described as our modern farmhouse.

Some may wonder how long before the modern farmhouse style is becomes a thing of the past, when if fact it just keeps evolving. It's something about the charm and aesthetic that keeps us wanting more. Though we're all used to looking abroad for influence in fashion, arts, and design, I think we should all embrace our role as leaders of the modern decor style we've all come to love. Yes love, you're a trend setter. 

With this in mind let's take a look at how the rest of the world has put their spin on "our" American farmhouse style. 

Poland Farmhouse Home

 This bohemian bungalow features some of the most popular styles for 2021, including a bamboo chair and pendant, natural accents, and greenery. Located in Warsaw, Poland this bohemian beauty is full of character and charm.

Denmark Rustic Home

This rustic Denmark haven has a lot of character and features a lot of elements from the American farmhouse. We love the rustic table with assorted chairs with with hints of industrial sprinkled throughout.

 European Kitchen

I love this industrial farmhouse inspired kitchen featuring exposed shelving and warehouse lights. . 


Farmhouse living room

 This European abode features plenty of modern pieces while incorporating a few boho elements and a lot of greenery giving it a bohemian chic look. 


European Bedroom

This country chic bedroom is so dreamy. I'm in love with the black bedframe and dresser (which is popular in 2021) and the very popular swiss cross pillow. And just like a lot of other spaces we will see this year, this room features a ton of greenery. 


Holland Hill Canadian Farmhouse

And last but not least, our friend Katie from Canada with her charming Canadian farmhouse.... and yes folks, she actually lives on a farm. I'm in love with her pillows and canvas art (another big one this year).

As you can see, we have inspired a lot of folks from all over the world to put their spin on the American farmhouse style. Some of these homes my have elements that we are starting to move away from and some we are moving into (like greenery and canvas art).

Do you have any favorites from this list? If so, please share.



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