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The Coldest Winter - Texas and Beyond

by Marialva V. on February 20, 2021

Truck in Texas Storm

As a small business, We Heart Decor leans on our friends in Texas, Tennessee, New Jersey, and Orlando to prepare and deliver our products. The co-founder of We Heart Decor lives in Cypress, Texas right outside of Houston and has been experiencing power outages, no running water, and no heat in the coldest winter ever. Some Texans have died from house fires, carbon monoxide poisoning, and extreme cold. 

Many aren't used to these conditions and have tried heating their homes with grills - which led to fires - and warm their bodies by leaving the car running in the garage - resulting in carbon monoxide exposure.

Empty Texas Streets during winter storm

Driving up the road you'll see homes covered in ice and not a soul on the streets. Businesses have been shut down, but the churches are still passing out bags of food and water to those in need.

My husband is a midwestern boy who is used to cold winters and ice storms. We moved to Florida a few months ago but still operate out of Texas where some of our family still resides (this is a family business). 

Our friend Alyssa who makes our pillows lives in New Jersey and had to shut things down this week, as the winter storm prevented her and her team from making it to the shop.

Frozen homese

One of our suppliers in Tennessee also had to shut things down, with trucks not able to make it to the warehouse to pickup or drop off shipments. UPS and FedEx have also been shut down in town.

Winter Home in Texas

We've already been dealing with Covid, and we've all been able to weather this storm one way or another. If you're able to read this, you're a survivor and will always be known throughout history as one of the ones who lived through a pandemic and the coldest winter ever.

P.S. Our prayers are with everyone who has been affected by the pandemic and the storm. 

Marialva.- 💗


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