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The Decor Addicts guide to Hiding Online Deliveries from your Hubby

by Susan Miller on April 22, 2018

Hello, lovelies! If you’re an online-shopping-home-decor addict just like me (#confessions), then you know the struggle is real. Husbands just don’t understand!

They can’t fathom the need to buy the tobacco basket and a wreath to go inside it, and why have to swap the boxwood wreath with the hydrangea one, or the purpose of having a vintage scale that isn't functional.

And when he asks, “where are you going to put this?”, he doesn’t realize that in spite not having space right now, it doesn’t mean I’m not going to be thanking my swift fingers for clicking “buy now”, a few months earlier when a space opens up for that perfect piece I almost didn’t get.  

But before we move on, read the little note below:

Writer is not responsible if you have to send items back.

So here you go ladies, this is my personal “Decor Addicts Guide to Hiding Online Deliveries from your Hubby”!

  1. Buy a UPS box.

Unlike P.O. Boxes, a UPS box accepts all kinds of deliveries. Rent on a small box will cost you about $20 a month. So when you get your delivery confirmation, just wait until hubby’s not around and swiftly pick up your package. If hubby is home when you arrive, just leave it in the car for an opportune time.

P.S. These little boxes are also great when traveling. You can have mail redirected to one of these little boxes so that you can pick up all your mail on arrival.

  1. Get to know the driver

If you receive orders on the regular, then you probably know your driver enough to ask for a little favor. Tell your driver not to leave packages on the front door, or specify in the instructions when ordering your products to “leave package at the back door”. But just in case, it’s best to warn your driver.

  1. Do something special prior to delivery

Studies show that when you do something nice for others, they’re willing to overlook or compromise on something they would usually object.

Does he have a favorite dessert? Does he want to hang out with the guys? Is there a tie he’s been looking at? Can you get him tickets to his favorite game?

This is going to take some strategic planning. You can keep a few little treats for him in a secret stash, and plan according to items you know you’re going to wanna buy. Say you’re at Target, and you find a good deal on something hubby just might like… don’t give it to him right away, save it for delivery day.

  1. Unbox immediately

Why waste time on unboxing your treats? Besides, you need to make sure everything is intact… So open your packages immediately and discard all evidence. Hubby probably won’t know the difference between a trencher and a dough bowl (believe me there’s a HUGE difference). So if you unpack your items, no worries. No one will ever know.

  1. Keep a secret stash

Is there a secret hiding place somewhere in the house you hubby doesn’t go? How about the laundry or craft room? The nursery? It’s important to identify the spot and put your stash there.

And there you have it!!! I hope this helps sisters.

Some may think we are addicts, but we know that it takes strategic buying, forward-thinking, and the willingness to trust your gut when it tells you “you don’t need this, but you gotta have it!” Only we can truly understand the struggle. So in order to save those who may be ignorant, we have a duty to protect them and hide the deals.

So if there’s anything I’ve missed, put it in the comment section below. Also, let me know what’s your favorite on the list???



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by Lorraine Hicks on January 01, 2019

Tell him its the anniversary, etc. etc., present you are hoping for & you are saving him a lot of time searching for it. You can wrap it in gift paper & he can choose the card, (because he is so good at it), & you promise to act surprised when he gives it to you!


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