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What to do when your Farmhouse Starts to Feel Boring

by Susan Miller on November 18, 2017

Farmhouse style decor has become more and more popular since the turn of the century... but let's be honest, some of your homes are starting to look a lot alike. So to change things up a bit and make your space feel a bit more unique, I have a few suggestions for you.


Traceys Fancy Home Decor

1. Add some color

This may sound strange to some, but don't be afraid to add a little color. White on top of white on top of white is beautiful, I know... but honestly, a little color won't hurt.


Modern farmhouse kitchen by Sherri Richards Design

2. Mix Styles

Here at We Heart Decor, we have fun mixing styles. Don't be afraid to cross boundaries or push trends. It's ok to add industrial accents, with some European vintage, and some Slovakian flair. Dare I say some touches of modern? Live a little. 

Mixing styles will create an eclectic look that adds character and dimension to your space. And don't be afraid to try pieces inspired by Middle Eastern countries like Persia or Israel (your Bible doesn't count as decor).


Kim Owens Farmhouse Bedroom

3. Pillows

Everyone has throw pillows... How about using something large and dramatic??? How about crazy color patterns or some random material...


 Zebra rug by Zebra Gallerie

4. Rugs

Try using nomadic patterns and geometric designs from other cultures? This will add a ton of richness to your space.

Rugs are a nice way to break up the monotony in your home.


Farmhouse room with space

5. Space

At times we can all get a little crazy with our "space"... but sometimes space is all you need. You don't have to crowd every room with every piece of decor you own...

Leaving space can really add drama to a room. Imagine drawing attention to one of your treasured pieces by giving it space...

It's unexpected and can really set your space apart. 

Have you tried some of these tricks? Are there things you do to make your space feel a little more unique?

Please share...


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