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The Farmhouse Lover’s Guide to Decorating Above Kitchen Cabinets

by Marialva V. on September 21, 2020

Above Kitchen Cabinet Decor

For those of us who love decorating our homes farmhouse style, we know the little details can really set our spaces apart. One of the greatest challenges, however, is decorating above kitchen cabinets. These little spaces can be tricky, but getting it right can give your space the warm aesthetic you crave.

The first step to getting it right, is understanding your own style. When it comes to making your house a home, it’s important that your personality shines.  Are you family oriented, spiritual, a minimalist or maybe even a little eclectic? Whatever you are at your core, let’s start with a piece that speaks to your soul. Choose a sign, image, or statement piece that can serve as a focal point and theme for your kitchen cabinet decor. 


Your Focal Point & Theme

Holiday Themed Kitchen Decor

In the kitchen above, @passportsandpenne does a great job of creating a focal point and theme for their above cabinet decor.  In the first image they went for a country farmhouse theme, setting the focal point as farmhouse sign with other complimentary pieces. Images 2 and 3 features holiday themes, also featuring signs as the focal point and theme to create the perfect aesthetic for their space.

Now that you’ve chosen a theme, it’s time to choose shapes and textures to give your space some depth. If you’re going for a true farmhouse look, you may want to mix and match a few elements like old and new, round and square, modern and worn. The main thing is to stay on theme so your space doesn’t look cluttered or all over the place (unless that’s the look you’re going for 🤷‍♀️).


Shapes & Texture

White Farmhouse Kitchen with signs above cabinets

Without much space to work with, @myhoustonhouse is still able to pull off a minimalist farmhouse look with signs like “Gather Here” and “Let’s Eat”, nailing the family theme while also using sharp lines in the rectangular signs and a round wreath to give it dimension. She was also able to add texture and depth with the garland backdrops.

Accent Pieces

Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Decor

In this farmhouse kitchen @home_editor_18 slays it with the accent pieces above her kitchen cabinets. With a heavily focused family theme, Chriselda is able to create a warm aesthetic with cotton stems and other soft white pieces while also adding in subtle cues like home trinkets, trees, and rabbits (for Easter).

So what’s your decor style? Are you family oriented, more on the modern side, or maybe you lean more towards the industrial loft lifestyle? Understanding your style will help add character and personality to your space. Once you nail your theme and the aesthetic you want your kitchen to capture, find pieces that can add texture and dimension to the space above your kitchen cabinets. To bring it all together, add in accent colors and pieces that can drive home the theme.

And that’s it! Did I miss anything? Have questions about how to make your space pop? Feel free to comment and share your ideas below.



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