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Do you really know your Design Personality? Find out in less than a minute (Design Quiz).

by Susan Miller on September 20, 2018

Have you ever felt like you knew something about yourself that others couldn't see? I mean so many people believe one thing about you that you even start to believe it yourself.

This happened to me...

I recently took a one minute quiz that revealed my personality based on my design style. It was really cool!

I like to think I know myself pretty well. I know my personality and when it comes to home decor I know exactly what I like.

My personal style is Great Gaspy -- meets 19th-century France  -- meets California coastal…  I also like the industrial farmhouse look and a little boho too.

It may sound a little eclectic, but I can like all of these things and make them all work together in my home right?

Most people that know me will tell you I'm an extrovert. However, I just found out they’re all wrong, and it all makes sense.

Growing up I was always a shy person, but quite chatty around friends. I hated talking in front of the class or at Bible study, yet people always seem to want me to speak out.

“I really don’t like public speaking people...” But I have forced myself when needed.

No matter how well I know myself I tend to discover new things all the time.

I took this quiz on Buzzfeed and it's really cool. It tells you your personality based on your decor preferences. At first, I thought to myself “yeah right!” But it actually proved to be quite accurate. Check out my design personality below:

My design style personality

Cool right? now you take the quiz and let us know what you get in the comment section below.


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