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Laundry Room Rug
Laundry Room Rug
Laundry Room Rug

    Laundry Room Rug


      If you've been looking for ways to spruce up your laundry room, mudroom, or laundry corner, this handmade laundry rug will look great in your space. Sometimes it's challenging finding the right pieces to make those spaces that are usually drab, pop with personality and character. 


      Use it in the LAUNDRY ROOM

      If you're looking for the perfect rug for your laundry room space, this laundry room rug will instantly add character and charm. It's always easier to get things done when your space has life and decor that adds personality. 

      Keep it in the CLOSET

      This rug would be perfect for your closet where you keep your laundry baskets or the space where you keep all your cleaning supplies. 

      Great for the STAIRCASE

      Do you have steps that lead to your laundry area? This rug will look great on your staircase!

      Details about this Laundry Rug:

      • Handmade of polyester fibers
      • Dimensions: 45" Wide x 27" Long 
      • Easy to clean
      • Ships in 5-7 business days

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