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Whitewashed Terracotta Urn
Whitewashed Terracotta Urn

    Natural Artisan Pots - 2 Sizes


      These natural whitewashed artisan pots are one of the most popular and on trend decor pieces this year. These urns have handles and will look great on your entryway table, porch, shelf, or countertop.

      More about these terracotta pots:

      • Natural Terracota Urns
      • Color: Whitewashed/Natural
      • Dimensions 
        Medium: 9" Long x 8.5" Wide x 10" Tall
        Large: 13.5" Long x 13" Wide x 13.75" Tall
      • Style: Coastal Farmhouse/Colonial Country

      P.S. These pots ship in 5-7 business days

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