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Vintage Rain Boot Decor
Vintage Rain Boot Decor
Vintage Rain Boot Decor

    Vintage Rain Boot Decor


      You’ll love the unique style of our Vintage Rain Boot. This metal boot can be used as a vase, storage, or a decorative piece to add character to the room.

      Great for your MANTLE or SHELF

      Add life to your space with this vintage metal boot. It’ll look great on your mantle and can really make your wall shelves pop. This is also a great piece to add to your curio cabinet for some much needed character and empty space therapy. 

      The perfect TABLE TOP piece

      Use this metal boot on your entryway or console table. This boot will also look great on an end table filled with flowers or stems. It’s also perfect next to pictures or your favorite signs.

      A much needed VASE

      Want to display your flowers in a fun and whimsical way? Use this metal boot as a vase for all your favorite flowers and stems.

      Details about this metal boot:

      • Made of metal
      • Color: Matte mustard and white floral design
      • Dimensions: 10.5" Long x 5.5" Wide x 12.5" High
      • Ships in 5-7 business days

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